Funny Story #4: So this chick fainted the other day and…

11 08 2007

Madalitso is this clever and mischievous 4 year old boy who lives in the village. He’s fully of energy and I have no idea where he gets this from. Agogo and my favourite 4 o’clock past time is to herd the chickens and the chicks into the coup. The one day, I was busy roasting peanuts on the fire and Madalitso and another boy, Phiri (9 years old) were catching these newly born chicks and putting them into the coup. Madalitso, who had this one chick in his hand got really excited because I was almost done frying the groundnuts and totally forgot about this chick in his hand. Upon his excitement, he threw the chick on the ground like a footballer who had scored a touchdown. The chick became unconscious for about 5 minutes when I finally poked it a little and it kind of jittered awake. I took it and put it in the coup. I thought it was pretty funny.




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