Wrapping Up Spring Roll Style

11 08 2007

I’ve been sitting in front of the desktop computer at work for the past 4 days, madly typing up my reports to make recommendations for monitoring and evaluation and credit recovery. I’m very thankful to my parents for putting me in piano lessons for 13 years of my life where I’ve learnt to drill my fingers for quick action. I’ve managed to pound out a 20 page report with a 13 page appendix in 4 days and this is just one of the reports that I will make.


Part of EWB’s strategy is kind of like walking on the beach. When you walk by the water, you’re sure to leave a footprint, but when EWB walks, it is trying to lessen that development footprint so that the work that we do with our partner organizations is sustainable and continued. Have I achieved this?


I’ve focused on helping to advance TLC’s operations lessening that development footprint means that I have focused working with certain people in asking questions and providing suggestions (only after I ask for their suggestion). Right now, the work in the Monitoring and Evaluation side of things is on implementation and building habits. Credit recovery I think is being emphasized but it has a long way to go trying to overcome challenges such as free issues from the government and other NGO’s. (Who said free = good?)


But nonetheless, I’m wrapping up or exiting Malawi in three different areas of life:

         Community – I’ve already described this in the previous post

         Work – I’m going through that process now, producing recommendations based on my four month experience

         In-Canada – I’m looking for strategies to help me reintegrate back into Canada and change some minds in Calgary.


Comments are always welcomed!




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