Extended Placement Details

29 08 2007

Partner Organization: Engineers Without Borders Canada

Role: Global Citizen

Location: Calgary, AB, Canada

Duration: September 2007 – April 2008

Your Organization – Engineers Without Borders Canada

Engineers Without Borders is a non-profit Canadian international development organization. . EWB’s overseas objective is to promote human development through strengthening already existing organizations. EWB sends Canadian volunteers to Western and Southern Africa to partner with local organizations. EWB is striving to make Canada a model global citizen for how the world responds to the challenge of global poverty. Choosing to reduce poverty will only happen when people understand the connections between their daily actions and the lives of people in developing communities. That is why EWB is raising awareness among the general population and challenging:

  • Canadians to make pro-poor decisions
  • Our government to improve their policies
  • Canadian corporations to adopt fair and humane practices

Your Placement – Global Citizen

Specifically, I will be based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada where I will be working with the University of Calgary Chapter and the Calgary Professional Chapter on the outreach and engagement component of their activities. This community generally has the passion to drive change in Canada, however, there is a lack of connection between In-Canada activities and Overseas impact. There also appears to be challenges in engaging people who generally care, but are distracted by other activities.

    The Match

      1. This placement is located in a booming city of approximately 1 million people. I will be working alongside some of the best and passionate champions of development that Calgary has to offer to maximize the impact – an experience which I am looking forward to.

      2. This placement, since it is mainly focused on Outreach and Engagment, requires someone who has strong communication skills – something which I have experience with (but still much to learn).

      3. This placement is going to be a little bit challenging because I will be working on this placement over 8 months to engage people on broader development perspectives and how to translate that into daily actionable items. I will also be partnered with next year’s Junior Fellows to prepare them for their placement.






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