Thank You!

I would like to express my appreciation for the people who have provided unwaivering support to make this possible.

You’re probably pondering..what type of support does Anne mean? Well, there’s a couple different ways for you to support this program, this cause and of course, me.

1. Support me – this is a minimal requirement, where your emails, phonecalls and just going through this experience with me by reading this blog is supporting me and my wellbeing.

2. Support the program – This program costs about $6500 per Junior Fellow. This year, the U of C Chapter is sending 2 Junior Fellows overseas, Shawn to Ghana and me to Malawi, which means that the chapter had to fundraise $13,000 from $0 in September. If you’re interested in donating to support the program (thereby supporting Shawn and I), please visit: (Note: Please specify where your gift will be going towards, preferrably, the University of Calgary Chapter. :))

3. Support the cause: The cause is to promote human development and how you can support this cause is by becoming empowered on some of the issues surrounding human development. Read about Bill C-293 and contact your MP, consume fair trade goods such as coffee and chocolate..mmm chocolate, read books, join online communities ( is a good one), and join EWB (there’s a chapter for students and for people in industry too)


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